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Chloe Sullivan

Never give up on me. I will never give up on you.

Chloe Sullivan-Queen
10 November
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Chloe Sullivan

Basics Metropolis
LJ created for RPG purposes, don't own anything, Smallville and DC Comics do, please don't sue.

Chloe's Wikipedia page

Chloe's Smallville Wiki page

OOC Contact
This is pretty much Smallville Chloe with a couple of changes regarding the latest two seasons: She is still a reporter at The Daily Planet and she is not getting married to Jimmy Olsen. Chloe does not work at Isis and she is about to graduate in journalism at MetU. She is also working with the boys as 'Watchtower', finding them information and helping them do their superhero thing. Updated information.
Contact Lost
You can reach Chloe or mun on AIM at ChloeWatch, feel free to IM me OOCly if you'd like to plot something with Chloe.

Contact Chloe. Facebook and Twitter.

My post with the other verses is here, feel free to contact me through that post if you are interested in Verses or anything like that.

And just for reference, a map of Metropolis and a Map of Smallville.
An AU Season six. Lost picks up after Progeny and goes completely AU from there, beginning with Chloe in Star City to visit Moira and running into Oliver where he offers her a position with the League as Watchtower once more. With everything that has happened with her mom, she accepts it without hesitation, looking forward to not only working with the team once more, but also to have access to all the technology that Oliver has at the clock tower available to her and to help her bring Lex down once and for all. Chloe is currently attending night classes at MetU, working full time for the Daily Planet and now playing sidekick not only to Clark, but for the rest of the League as well. Updated information.
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Canon - Self-explanatory.
Savior - An AU version of season nine.

More information and other verses can be found here.