Chloe Sullivan-Queen (chloeas) wrote,
Chloe Sullivan-Queen

Prodigal Verse

Season 9 didn't happen. Set about four years post Doomsday. Everyone has kinda scattered, and they don't really keep in touch. And then the news breaks that...Lex Luthor is still alive. And everyone starts drifting back toward Metropolis because well, obviously Lex is going to be a problem.

Clark Kent - smallvillekent
Chloe Sullivan - chloeas
Oliver Queen - dl_greenarrow
Lois Lane - loistheintrepid
Lex Luthor - war_juststarted
Tess Mercer - have_no_mercy
Kara Kent - lostsupergirl
Zatanna Zatara - zee_magician
Selina Kyle - skmeow
Veronica Mars - gettoughgeteven
Mia Dearden - need2speed

Daily Planet Headline: LEX LUTHOR LIVES SWS by loistheintrepid.

Reunion between chloeas and loistheintrepid.

One headline. That's all it takes. SWS by war_juststarted

Reunion between smallvillekent and loistheintrepid.

Meeting between chloeas and gettoughgeteven.

Doesn't seem like much has changed. And yet... by zee_magician.

When the Past Calls between chloeas and dl_greenarrow.

Unexpected Revelations between chloeas, ifeelittoo and dl_greenarrow.

Dinner between chloeas, ifeelittoo and dl_greenarrow.

Catching Up between zee_magician and thegothamprince.

Sleeze is out in droves tonight. SWS by need2speed.

Who put out the welcome mat? SWS by have_no_mercy.

Here comes the weekend between smallvillekent and loistheintrepid.

[Sipping a beer, looking over paperwork.] SWS by loistheintrepid.

Reunion between chloeas and smallvillekent.

Coming home between chloeas, ifeelittoo and dl_greenarrow.

Late night surprise between chloeas and dl_greenarrow.

Following day between chloeas and dl_greenarrow.

Aren't guns a little too...fatal? SWS by need2speed.

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